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Creating the perfect environment 
to improve your product quality

  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Mushroom Growing
  • Hatcheries / Egg Storage
  • Wine Storage

A new product idea is terrific, but you must also be able to manufacture the item in large quantities, be it a garment, new produce/food idea or industrial device.  For each production step different ambient conditions are required: germ-free air, cooling or heating, high or low levels of air humidity. Only if all these requirements are met, can the products be manufactured at high speed and with consistent quality.  Airconditioning and humidification are necessary for consistent ambient conditions and precise controllability for the optimum quality manufacture of goods at the best productivity level.

Textiles Yarns with low moisture content are weaker, thinner, more brittle, less elastic, create more friction and are more prone to static electrification.  In textiles, low humidity causes lower material weight, fabric shrinkage and thus lowered profits.  A suitable humidification system will increase product quality and therefore profitability.

Hatcheries can benefit from humidification. As the egg shell is porous, to achieve a healthy chick a higher level of humidification can assist to reduce water vapour loss.  Maintaining the correct level of humidity, along with precise temperature and airflow within the incubator at each stage of the hatching cycle is vital.

Mushrooms thrive in dark and humid environments. To cultivate mushrooms humidifiers are used to maintain an optimum humidity level of 95%RH.

Wine storage:  Wines in barrel rooms can lose up to 15% volume through the barrel over a two-year period due to fluctuations in humidity levels. "Topping-Off" is an exhausting and time-consuming process to replace these losses. Oak barrels in use or in store suffer from the swings in humidity and can be damaged even before use.

Aireven can offer you a humidification solution for any of the above. 

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