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Maintaining humidity where 
nothing can be left to chance

  • Operating Theatres
  • Burns Units

Dry air from the airconditioning system in hospitals absorbs the moisture from skin and hair resulting in possible sore eyes and throat, headaches, itchy skin, nasal dryness, lethargy, whilst sufficiently humidified respiratory organs and mucus membranes are less vulnerable to irritations and bacteria.  

In an operating theatre dust and germs can be harmful, sufficiently humid air also prevents the build up of electrostatic charge.  If the humidity drops below 40%RH in an operating theatre, possible static electrical shocks may occur, resulting in potentially damaging effects on surgery.  If an optimum humidity level of between 50-60% RH is maintained, drying of body tissue is prevented and static charge build-up prevented. 

Patients in burns units in hospitals benefit greatly from increased humidity, allowing speedier skin repair.  

Electric steam humidifiers are very popular solution in hospitals as they ensure the moisture being introduced is 100% safe and sterile.  Also many hospitals have a ready supply of steam from a central boiler used for sterilising purposes which can be used with ESCO steam injection humidifiers.

Examples of Aireven humidification hospital sites include:

  • Concord Hospital Burns Unit, NSW
  • Norwest Private Hospital, NSW
  • Cambelltown Private Hospital, NSW
  • Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital 
  • Robina Hospital, QLD
  • New Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC
  • Austin Repatration Hospital, VIC
  • Royal North Shore Private Hospital,  NSW 

Aireven can offer you a humidification solution for any of the above. 

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