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Ensuring that your produce 
stays fresher for longer

  • Food storage & process
  • Fruit & vegetable warehouses
  • Cheese maturing

Correct ambient conditions for each product have to be provided in food storage facilities to maintain freshness and taste.

In chilling and cold storage rooms as air enters its temperature is reduced and its moisture contents drops. The water condensates out of the air onto the cooling coils. The air still has a high relative humidity but doesn’t actually hold much moisture.  As the air is then circulated around the cold store it warms slightly. This warmer air requires a higher moisture content and it draws the moisture from any surface it can, this includes the produce inside the cold store.  This can result in damaged produce with a reduced shelf life.

For example, in small cold rooms, the ABS3 Atomiser is ideal, being robust units requiring very little maintenance, offering low operating costs and by simple connection to normal water mains.  If required, a reverse osmosis water supply unit can also be integrated, should the application require a higher level of hygiene. 

For larger installations the Airfog two component air and water system or the Microcool high pressure nozzle system can be designed to meet the requirements of the cold storage area.

Whatever your requirement, big or small, Aireven can offer a humidification system suitable for your cold storage application.

Aireven can offer you a humidification solution for any of the above. 

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